Milk from Desi Gir Cow

With our farms located right here in Pune, our dairy queens spend their lazy days grazing in the open lush fields, so that they get all the essential vitamins and nutrients. And in turn, so do we. We are passionate about what we do and go the extra mile to ensure pasturerised milk is delivered fresh at your doorsteps. Kesar milk is produced from desi Gir Cows with no artificial
growth harmones and is tested for antibiotics. So, not only is it
plentiful and wholesome as you’d expect, it tastes richer too.

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One of the important A2 milk benefits is that is easy to consume by most lactose intolerant people too. It is very healthy and easily digestible.

Mental Growth

Providing Omega 3 fatty acids these fatty acids contribute highly to mental growth too.

Increases Immunity

Compared to being as healthy as a mother’s milk, the A2 milk contributes equally in building immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A2 milk?

A2 milk derives it’s name from the A2 type of protein present in the milk. There are certain desi pure bred cows that produce this said protein. We source our milk from the Gir breed of cows.

How is Kesar dairy different from conventional milk brands out there in the market?

Most the commercially available milk is of type A1, which is milked from cows that produce this A1 protein. Most of these cows are of hybrid breed which are bred to commercially produce milk.
Whereas, Kesar dairy milk is sourced from desi pure bred cows that produce the A2 protein. Our cows are open grazed and grass fed. For more information, do read our FAQ on why A2 milk is expensive.

Why is A2 milk expensive?

Unlike most industry cows that are given to artificial hormones to produce milk all day, our cows are humanely raised and free from cruelty. Our Gir cows are allowed to first feed their calves and the remaining portion of milk is sourced for human consumption, resulting in more man power and time.
A2 milking process ensures healthy and natural milk without any harmful hormones or antibiotics. The milk is rich and nutritious and the cows are healthy, active and happy.

What are the nutritional contents of Kesar Dairy A2 milk?

Our milk is rich in nutrition with an optimal fat content of 4.2% and above and an SNF of 8% and above.

Is Kesar Dairy milk A2 certified?

Yes. PleaseClick here to view our certificate of authenticity.

How do you source your milk?

We have setup collection centres where milk is collected from our dairy farmers who meet our hygiene and milk standards.

How do you ensure quality at the processing plant?

We have tied up with one of the most sophisticated and automated dairy setup in the city to ensure the milk is untouched by human hand to maintain the highest quality standards.

Where is your dairy located?

Our processing plant is located at Ambegaon.

How do you maintain optimal temperature during transportation?

We transport our milk in refrigerated containers so that you can get the milk chilled and ready to drink.

How do I order?

You can either call us on our customer care number or download our mobile app. Android users can search “Kesar dairy” on google play store. The iOS version of the app will be soon launched.