Clean and Natural

Flowers Planting

Did you know that there are more than 100 potentially harmful chemicals and other ingredients that we dont allow?

All of our produce is grown adhering to do’s and dont’s laid down by certifying bodies, right from the seeds we choose, the organic fertilizers and manure we put, the way we handle the produce and the way we pack it. So as you see, there goes a lot of efforts in putting just the right kind and quality of products for our customers.

Good produce comes from good farming practices. Whether or not we see it, farmers work hard to produce food to feed the world, but also to protect the environment for the next generation. There are many different practices farmers partake in to ensure they are protecting the environment as best as they can. Some of these farming practices are: conservation, preservation and moderation.

To help with water cleanliness, farmers are now putting up fences around streams, rivers and ponds on their property to keep livestock out of the water. It is important for farmers to keep livestock out of water sources because livestock can disturb the banks and cause the water to become muddy and full of dirt.

It is necessary to start handling the food hygienically starting from the field to the point of delivery. Both on-field and off-field cleanliness is maintained so that our customers get the purest and most fresh products.

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