Flowers Planting

Conventionally, grains, cereals and pulses are prone to insects and germs. When the crop is harvested and cleaned, there is still a large amount of insect larvae (in the form of unhatched eggs) that are present on the grains. These eggs lay dormant until the crop is clean, graded and packed. However, only later in the due course of time, when it gets the right amount of heat and moisture, these eggs hatch which later form into insects.

This problem cannot be solved by age old thinking. Hence, we decided to tackle this problem with the help of technology. Innovation is a change that unlocks new value.

Our solution?
Simple. We eradicate these eggs right at the beginning with our patented agro-technology. However, it might be duly noted that we have taken every bit of care to ensure that the nutritional value of the produce is not hampered in any sense. We disinfest our grains, pulses and cereals so as to remove the germs and unwanted larvae that are not visible to the human eye. And yes, we have our very own patent for this agro-tech.

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